We are in Oregon for the holiday weekend. Shakespeare festival, Crater Lake, green, green goodness.


Hello Friend

Dear friend,

I have been thinking about how bad I've been about keeping in touch with you. I don't know why. I am just bad at picking up the phone or writing a letter. I have decided to reform, because I like you. Expect to hear from me soon. You know who you are. Hugs and kisses,



Power Out

Yippee!  The power is out at Mike's office and he is coming home for the day.  I love unreliable power and telephone lines.


Our neighbors are cooking fish again.  Stinky. 


Simply the Best

If Tina Turner and Rod Stewart had a love child one could be fairly certain about three things.  
1.  Said love child would have a great voice
2. Said love child would have great legs
3. Said love child would have crazy hair
In respect to the crazy hair I am feeling kinda like Tina and Rod's imaginary love child today.



Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market at the Ferry building.  We walked around sampling delicious fruits, crackers, jams, and cheeses.  Mike ended up carrying around the basil plant we got, I tried a raw oyster for the first time.  We just had a nice time walking around in the sun looking at the fresh produce, flowers and all glorious colors.

We use Ibarra or Abuelita Mexican chocolate, you can get these brands at most grocery stores.  There are 5 or 6 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate in each box which are pretty thick, so you will need to chop them up a bit.  Decide how much chocolate you need, put the chocolate in a pot of milk, simmer, stir and serve.



Heard this on NPR yesterday.  How would you like this for your ringtone?  Pretty catchy huh?


Mexican Chocolate

Mike made us some Mexican hot chocolate Sunday night.  Mmmm.  I promise we don't live on dessert alone. But that could be nice.


I made this summer fruit crostata last night for dessert.  I did not have the fruit called for so I just used what I had around, nectarines, blueberries, an apple.  It turned out really well, and the best part is when you make the crust you only use half of it and set the other half aside for later. 


A Revelation

I don't know why but I had it in my mind that Ira Glass was gay.  I was listening to an episode of This American Life that is a few months old and he mentioned something about his wife. What!? Am I the only one who did not know that Glass is married?  Am I the only one who secretly hoped that he and David Sedaris would some day get together?


I am an Idiot

I went down to San Jose yesterday to get my hair cut.  I know.  I should just find someone up here.  But I really like this girl, she does a good job and her price is very reasonable.  So I drive the 60 miles to her salon.  And even that is okay because I make the most of the trip by going to my Parent's  house before I get my hair cut.  I needed to get some stuff/do some laundry/pet the dogs anyway.  
By one o'clock I am at the salon sitting there reading my scandal rag of choice.  1:19 rolls around and I start to think, 'What is taking so long?'  But, on to the next magazine.  Still reading, still waiting.  And then, 'Are you waiting for J?'  'Yes.'  'We are going to call her right now.'  So they call her and that thought in the back of my mind, 'It was this Thursday right?  Not next Thursday', has crept to the  front of my mind.  The girl comes back, 'I am so sorry you have been waiting here all this time.'  'My appointment is next Thursday, right.'  'Yes, we are so sorry we did not call her sooner.'  

I told you I am an idiot.  An idiot who really needs a hair cut.


Summer Cold

I've got a crappy summer cold.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of it fast?


I sort of dropped off the face of the earth the past month, but I had a nice time. Here is a recap for me more than anything else

drove to Vegas with my mom and sisters, saw Mama Mia! loved it
moved into new place (!)
baby shower for Cat
drove to Utah with parents
saw Angelika
flew to Boise to see Elizabeth (worst flight of my life)
went to roaring springs with Elizabeth and her kids
drove back to Utah for my nephew Clint's baptism
drove back to California
had our first visitors in our new place, sorry you had to sleep on the floor Alex and Ariel
walking around lots and enjoying the great weather