I've decided that I need to bone up on my grammar/punctuation/rules of usage. If you read any of my post you will have to agree with me. Lucky for me I've got a copy of, The Elements of Style.

Laundry list

Just a few things from around here lately. Last week Nico climbed out of her crib, the big bump she made on the way down and her escalated crying made me leap out of bed. I almost stepped on her when I entered her room, "Nico! What are you doing on the floor?". She has not tried to get out of her crib since the incident, but now I know she can and it makes me a little worried.

Nico likes music, and she likes to dance to it, tap her hands, and nod her head to the beat. We love this new-ish trick. Nico makes her toys growl. She says whoa and has a good surprised face when something happens that she particularly likes. Nico has started to throw really good fits, I'm talking leg kicking, head thrown back, big tear fits. It is kind of funny, but not really.

Last night we brought Nico into bed with us because she would not stop crying (she is getting her year molars, ouch!) so Mike started making this whooshing/whistling noise and she took one look at him, raised her leg back as far as it would go and kicked him right square in the mouth. She did that a few times to get Mike to stop making that noise. Guess she's not a big fan of whistling.

Her hair is now long enough to put into pigtails. This is quite an accomplishment, and quite cute. Nico still likes dogs very much. She is not scared of them and is very gentle when she pets them. With smaller dogs she will sort of cradle their faces in her hand to get a good look at them. We have a new stroller, Nico thinks it is a jungle-gym. Nico likes to feed herself with her spoon, and no she does not want our help.

So there is a laundry list of some things I've been noticing and thinking about. And now the pictures.

Something random: I've always been pretty intimidated of cooking large cuts of red meat. I decided to take the plunge and I bought a 12 pound prime rib. We had some friends over to share the feast, and I will say that the meat was delicious.


Best toy ever

I forgot to add this one. When Mike says "Nico, go in your box" she does.


Have you missed us?

I know some of you have missed us, read: Grandmas/siblings, so here we are again. I've been a real slacker in the monthly picture of Nico department. I never posted an official 12 month photo of Nico, and I never took an official 13 month photo of her at all. Whoops! So here you go, lots and lots of pictures to fill in for the last few months.

14 months
We will call this one 13 months.
12 months. Bam!

14 months, and a boogery cold
She really likes her books

Bieber fever
See, I told you she loves her books.

These are all from the park that is a few blocks up from our apartment. Nico loves the swings, the fountains and all the dogs.

I could not resist adding this one.
More books.

We've been to the academy of sciences a few times over the last month and Nico loves it. There is so much to see and do. Nico will run around babbling and pointing at everything. We've really enjoyed our trips there.

Living roof + Mike being sassy.

This is a few seconds after the "snow" was turned on.
Check out her foot.

Eating something really messy, and yelling for more.

Sunday best.

We went to the Chinese New Year parade. This was right after, we were still all bundled up. Check out her shoes, bought just for the evening.


These kids looked soooo bored.
During the parade.