This and that

Just some images that have been hanging around on the desktop.


Yup, I'm doing these for Sabine too. We love this little gal, she is such a happy little thing! And bless her wee heart, she has been sleeping really well, I'm talking waking up only once if at all during the night, dear sweet child. She is very alert and observant, she really looks at you and I swear she understands what I'm saying to her.  She is super strong, this kid can break out of almost any swaddle. We had to modify how we swaddle her because she was getting free and whacking herself in the face.  Now we wrap what is basically a scarf around her several times and tie it in a knot. We are serious about our swaddling around here. Sabine has started to grab things and put them in her mouth.  It is really fun to see her concentrating on controlling her hands and aiming for her mouth.  What else can I tell you about our little beanie? She smiles easily and is a pretty easygoing happy baby.  We all love her tremendously!