We Have a Problem

The other day I counted 18 of these little critters running around the front yard. I guess that is what you get when you live out in the sticks. One down 17 to go.  

p.s. This one was let free in the hills.

Eat Your Cake

Mike made this delicious cake for our family birthday get together.  He did it all by himself!  And it was really good.  If you like coconut cake this is the great recipe Mike used. 


Splendid Day

This was the BEST birthday! SO great! This is what I did, this is what I learned. I went to Crate and Barrel today and took a lookie lou at their sale stuff. June is the best time for sales, they were having there floor sample sale going on and I saw the most beautiful couch that I have been eyeing for a while. Behold.

It was 1/4 of the original price, only $530! That's right, no longer the original almost $2,000. A part of me still hopes we can get it, but by the end of this post you will think me a greedy grub worm for thinking that. Yes you will, just you wait. So I got a few things from C&B (spending a whopping 5 bucks) and then was on to something new.

My face has been sort of flaky and dry, and weird as of late. I went into some beauty store and was swept away by the helpful sales girl and walked out with some lovely smelling lotion that made the back of my hand feel rather nice so we will see how this works.
I had to return a bathing suit to J.crew and so I looked around there for a bit. I swear finding a bathing suit is killer! Any how I ended up getting this sweater I tried on long ago, but was loathed to pay full price for. And as we all know good things come to those who look in the sale section.... $16 yippee! The one I got is a sherbet colour. So cozy, why do I always want Winter things in the Summer?

Next I went on over to Sephora and got some stuff there (I had a gift card that had been sitting in my wallet for quite some time). I would not even mention this except I found the PERFECT lipstick while I was there, and it was half off. So take a look if you want at Napoleon Perdis. I got DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Nymphe. It is just the right shade of pink, not too pink, not too glittery, not too shinny, no too anything. It feels great on as well. I got some eye shadows too. great stuff. Love sales, love em. My guess is that with all the stuff they have at that store there are bound to be brands that don't sell as well, so out they go.

Oh my goodness are you sick of hearing all about my shopping spree? I really am not this bad all the time I just get cooped up in the house and then go crazy? But the best part about this part of the day is that between some gift cards I had the only money I spent was the $5 at Crate and Barrel. So there I am not as much of a spend thrift as you thought.

The Rest

So my mom and dad woke me up by singing happy birthday and giving me a microplane zester, which I have been wanting.  It must have left a great impression on me because I promptly fell back asleep (it was early!) and dreamt about zesting limes.  

In the evening my mom gave me my other present, an amber ring she got in Poland several years before I was born.  It is one of those things that belongs to her that all of us were always trying on and asking if we could borrow.  I really love it and how appropriate that she got it in Poland, right?

And Mike got me a subscription to Dwell magazine and this:

Pretty awesome right?!  I certainly didn't see that coming.  He was so clever about it too.  I got home and he gave me my gift, in a small box.  I opened it and saw that it was an iTouch, and thought, this is really nice but why did he get this?  He knows I hardly use my iPod.  And then he said, "I even got it engraved"  so I look on the back and it says, "It's not an iPhone, but it was free."  And maybe you don't know this, but if you get an apple computer right now, you get a free iTouch.  So he sent me to my room and there was this beautiful box and a lovely card, telling me it was all mine and, "I hope this gift brings you much creative happiness."  What a darling, dear wonderful, thoughtful man I have.  Thank you Mike for being so great! You certainly have me stumped on what to get you.

p.s. this thing is a bazillion times faster than our laptop.


It's That Time Again...

I love you Bille. Hope you have a happy birthday, which I know you will, once you see the present I got for you.


More, More, More

I said I would put up some more pictures from Seattle so here are some more.

A small disclaimer for this post, I realize I have a lot of pictures of myself up here (and all over this blog) and it is not because I think everyone would really like to look at my face all day long. Usually Mike is the one taking the pictures (just try and pry the camera away from him I dare you!) so most of our pictures have me in them. So, sorry if you get sick of seeing me or think I am incredibly vain.

Anybody who watched Twin Peaks should recognize this place, it is the Great Northern Hotel. We also went to the diner from the show, where they have the world famous cherry pie.

The rhododendrons were in full gorgeous bloom while we were there, perfect backdrop for pictures

There's that cherry pie

Gasworks park

Ashley, looking very small



Emily flew into San Francisco Wednesday morning for a long layover between flights. It was perfect because I was going to be up there already to go to the Giants game with Mike and his office. We went to the Ferry building before the game and got some sweets from Miette, their macaroons are amazing! After the game (and getting fried in the sun) we did some touristy stuff that none of us had done for a while, Golden Gate bridge and Coit tower. We ate at this great Italian place Sodini's, in North Beach. The gnocchi was so light and fluffy. I stayed with Emily at her hotel, Mike went home and picked me up on his way into work Thursday morning, and I spent the day in the city wandering around by myself. The weather was perfect.


More Seattle

Spencer and me eating gator ribs. They were pretty tasty, a nice light meat.

Ashley, looking cool and pregnant.

Mike's sweet tooth rears it's head.

Seattle central library. When I was going thought the sites to see book this was in there and I thought, meh, if we have time we might get around to it. We were all really glad we stopped in, this building is amazing! It cost something like 193 million dollars to build, totally worth it in my opinion. I wish we had more pictures that did it justice. If you are in Seattle I would definitely go check it out.

Frozen yogurt and a walk on the docks in Kirkland.

Playing in the City

This Thursday public transportation is free in San Francisco. I am going to driving up to work with Mike in the morning (he works in Brisbane) and spend the day wandering around the city. I am looking forward to going to Britex Fabric more than anywhere else. I am pretty sure I am going to die with excitement when I get there. Four floors of wall to wall to ceiling fabric. And the fourth floor is all remnants. I feel a bit giddy just thinking about it!


I love their sale advertisement


Seattle, bit by bit

We had such a good time visiting Ashley and Spencer, thanks for being so hospitable, and for driving us ALL over the place. We had no expectations about Seattle, and we were really impressed. What a wonderful, beautiful, clean, fresh, and friendly place, sort of like a smaller, cleaner, less intimidating San Francisco. We can definitely see ourselves there in the future.

View of the city from Queen Ann

This piggy is a symbol of commerce.

"The doctor will see you now." I sort of look like a lab tech or something, and Mike looks a bit ill. Perhaps it is all the fish behind him, Mike hates fish.

Yup we saw them throwing those fish alright

All that wonderful produce...

and those flowers!


Old News

Over Memorial Day weekend Mike went on a road trip with some friends. They went to Monterey and golfed, Big Sur, Morro bay, and Hearst castle. Monday they ended up back with the wives they left behind, BBQ ribs, and guitar hero. Here are some highlights from the trip.