We bought a desk/table off craigslist about a week ago for under $100. We were sick of having to bend over to sit at our old desk. I found the same desk on this site. I like pretty much everything here, except the price tags. Take a look to get some inspiration.



These wooden rattles are pretty rad. $18 for all four. Get em here.

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Better Than

Last time we went to Costco we got two jars of this better than bullion stuff. I love it. It saves space, tastes way better than canned chicken broth, and if I add carrots, pastini, and onion I have a really yummy chicken soup. If they don't have it at your Costco, or grocery store get it here.



I think this chandelier is pretty darn cool. However it is $1,998.00. Even with my discount the price is crazy. I wonder how hard this would be to recreate? I think I feel a project coming on.


Busy Weekend

This weekend we went down to Bille's parents house. Bille's sister Elizabeth and her brother Jess and their whole families were there too. 18 people total at one point. Lots of screaming kids but lots of fun too.



Here to see what I have been up to.


you + me

This would be a sweet gift for your sweet.

from Village.


I really like this trench coat from J.crew.


Weekend Update

This weekend our good friend Nick and his girlfriend Brooke came and visited.

Friday night we went for a walk in Pacific Heights. If you ever want to see blocks of multi-million dollar homes and giant mansions this is the place. We stopped by Danielle Steel's mansion but the giant hedges and barb wire fence kept us from peeking in her windows. We also saw a home that kind of looked like a giant fridge. Afterward, we ate at this great little Italian place in North Beach, Sodini's Green Valley Restaurant.

The next day we met up with the Beesleys and spent the morning hanging out at the Ferry Building and at the farmer's market there. Later on we did the tourist thing and visited the Golden Gate bridge.

Overall, an exhausting but fun weekend.

No one was sure what Nick sat in.


Old Pictures

What's a blog without pictures. Here are some old ones from Christmas time.

Christmans morning:

Gift Exchange:

Day After:



I am really liking this lavender headboard.  Could I put that on my couch?  Or maybe the natural one with some lavender throw pillows?  There are too many good fabrics out there.  What I really want is all this natural light.


Last night I was laughing in my sleep.  I woke Mike up because I was laughing so loud, "What are you laughing at?  Are you awake?"  I remember dreaming about a cockroach (gross) that was wearing a wig.  I guess that is sort of funny.  Not really though.


In The Works

Sometime last month Mike and I were doing a little Sunday drive through the city when I spotted some abandoned furniture on a street corner.  Darling man that he is, Mike turned around, helped me rummage through the pile of stuff, and load a couch frame into the car.  I know it looks ugly now, but with a little love I hope it will look like this.


Do you see the resemblance?  Do you see the potential?  And the couch fits perfectly into the strange little nook in our bedroom under the window.  Today I cut the foam, one cushion for the seat and one for the back.  I need to go to an upholstery store and get some of those spring/cord seat things.  Next I need to decide on fabric.  I am thinking a natural colored linen. We will see.  Stay tuned.