The peninsula

My niece Nikki drew this picture of Mike when we visited Idaho after Christmas. Mike is rocking the "peninsula" and Nikki drew it spot on.

The other picture of Nico is from this morning. I got the dress at a rummage sale and I was not sure how it would fit her but it is perfect. A tad short perhaps, but that was the style back then.



Hi! We are still here. I thought I would throw up Nico's 2 year stats for those of you who care (who are you by the way?) and for my own records. These were from January 17th

Weight: 23 pounds 9 oz - 10.99%
Height: 2'9.5" - 38.4%
Head circumference 47 cm or 18.5" - 35.37%

So go ahead and compare that to your own average or above average size kid, I don't mind I know she is a wee thing :) As far as clothing goes she is wearing a size 5 shoe and 18-24 month clothes (depending on the brand).

Nico goes to bed around 8:30, and takes a 3 hour nap starting at 1:00, except for yesterday when she went down at 3 and got up at 6. We don't have to fight with her to brush her teeth anymore, hallelujah! Mike discovered she really likes having her tongue brushed so after we found that out, and let her try brushing our teeth while we brushed hers (we don't even have to do that anymore) she sits still and lets us brush all those beautiful teeth.

Nico got one of those 99 cent paint pallets for Valentine's day and she LOVES painting. She painted for almost 2 hours on Tuesday. Yesterday she wanted to paint again, wanted me to paint with her and then began to art direct my painting. Over here, no, in here, this color. And on, and on until I felt quite micro managed by a 2 year old. She loves reading books and playing with her stuffed animals and her new doll. She has started making her toys interact with and talk with one another. She will sit on the floor with her bunny on her lap and read to it. Finally she is learning to entertain herself, I love this.

Over the past few months Nico has gradually started to participate in family prayer. Now she will repeat what we say for prayers and has told me to close my eyes on several occasions. There is nothing like being scolded by a toddler. Nico loves singing and dancing to Primary songs, mostly the wiggle songs, not so much the songs that have anything to do with doctrines of the Gospel. However, I've heard her singing I am Child of God a handful of times, pretty significant since whenever we try to sing that she tell us no, and stop. She also likes the follow the prophet song, but I think we all do.

We got Nico a bike for Christmas, and she loves riding her bike with her friend Symon. I think without Symon Nico would not be very interested in her bike, there really are some things that are much more fun to do with a friend. Here are some blurry action shots.

Alright, that's all for now.