16 Months

Nico is really at a great age. It's fun to she what she picks up and the new things that she tries. Her personality is showing more and more. If I had to sum her up in 3 words, they would be independent, fearless, and sassy. But I don't have to, so I would also say that she is very sweet and good at listening.

Some of the new things she does are:
- Jumping. Can only get both feet off the ground at the same time for a split second but she tries.

- Climbing. She loves climbing on anything and everything. Couches, chairs, ottomans, bookshelfs, and even boxes. She will climb on the ottoman and run off into our arms.

- Talking. She is a little chatterbox. Most what she is saying is still indistinguishable, but she is always pointing at stuff and I think asking what it is. She also make car and animal sounds, like a dog, cat, and cow.

- Reading. She loves reading books. She even has her favorites. Sometimes she'll just sit there with a book and pretend that she is reading.

- Listening. She'll bring us things when we ask for them (if she wants to) and will put things in places when we ask.

- Making friends. She loves to be out and about. She always climbs into her stroller hoping we'll take her out. When we are out, she likes to make eye contact with people and say hello.

- Eating. She eats whatever we eat in most cases. She isn't afraid to try new foods. She also has developed a preference of wanting to feed herself with a spoon or fork instead of letting us do it which always turns into a mess.

- Being funny. I think that Nico thinks she is funny. She's always trying to get us to laugh or smile at her and she's not afraid to ham it up. My favorite is when she will pretend to eat. She will take her food, put it in her mouth, and then pull it out really quick while closing her mouth and making a biting noise. She has a smile on her while she does this.

If this post hasn't already established it, we are very proud parents. Nico really is wonderful and we are grateful to have her in our lives.

Crissy Field

We had some great weather last month, and one afternoon we took a drive over to Crissy Field and just strolled around. I love how close everything is in San Francisco and how beautiful it can be.


This year Nico was old enough to actually be able to participate in Easter. On that Saturday before Easter, we went to Golden Gate Park with some friends and did an Easter egg hunt. And by hunt I mean place eggs on the ground and watch the kids find them. Nico didn't quite understand the concept, so she would walk around, pick up an egg, and then put it back down on the ground. In the end only one egg went into her basket.

On Sunday morning we gave Nico her Easter basket. I think that her favorite toy was the paper grass that was used for filling. That afternoon we went down to my parents' house for Easter dinner, and our good friends the Thomas came along. We tried another egg hunt in the backyard with better results. We used chocolate eggs, and Nico would pick them up and take a big bite out of them, foil and all. I had to chase her around to make sure she didn't swallow all of it.