Next Year

I am totally doing this.

A Good Halloween Movie

I really like watching scary movies during October, well not really scary movies, but good spooky movies. Last night we watched Drag Me To Hell, and it was pretty darn good. It got a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and they called it a, "frightening, hilarious, delightfully campy thrill ride". Agreed.

p.s. the trailers make the movie look like it is going to be really scary and creepy, but really it is just funny.



How cute are these little shelves? They would be perfect in our tiny nursery. Found em here.


Ruby Green

Okay Ruby Green, you've got me. I am completely charmed by your styling, by the fact that your little red head reminds me of Ann Margaret, and finally that you have the zigzag fabric I've been searching for. However, I do not find $90 for a yard of fabric overly charming.

It's Official

After almost three and a half years of being married I finally got my butt down to the social security office and changed my name. You may now call me Mrs. Gniewosz.



Who does the dishes at your house? I sure don't.


Kids Clothes

Last week in between doctor appointments Mike and I went down to Japan town and visited our favorite bookstore. I came away with a darling pattern book for making children's clothes. Now all I have to do is figure out the Japanese instructions.


Baby Book

If I did not already have a baby book that I love, (and bought for $1.50 at the Honolulu savers) there would be nothing holding me back from buying this one. But honestly, I will probably get this Sara Midda one anyway.



It has been a while, I am not very consistent with this. Sorry. I've been spending quite a bit of time looking for things on Craigslist for the baby's room, and I just want to vent about a few things:

1. Put a picture with your item. Why even bother posting something online if you don't have a picture?

2. PLEASE put the dimensions of your item in the description. People, if you area as serious about selling your dresser/couch/crib/piece of furniture as I am about buying it then tell me how big the darn thing is.

3. Don't post an item and then go on vacation for three days. Post it when you get back from your trip and will actually respond to my queries.

4. If you've sold your item please respond to my emails, or at the very least take your post down.

Do you think I've missed anything?