Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

We bellied up and got our own connection to the internet.  Yes I know we should have had our own connection all along, but seriously when you live in an apartment and you don't lock your wireless signal it is an open invitation to piggybacking.  Anyhow, we are now enjoying using Skype.  Elizabeth and I were on it for almost two hours yesterday.  Well I haven't seen the girl since August.

On another note, we will get around to putting pictures from our trip up here, it was fabu.  The trip home was not, or I should say flying first class from Hawaii to Lax was, but flying standby was a beast. 


We're Back (with no internet)

We just got back from Hawaii yesterday. What a blast! Thanks to Sheila and Keoni and Anna and Zane for letting us stay with you. It was really good seeing all of you. Pictures will be up eventually. We just need to catch up on some sleep(staying up 36 hours to catch all the flights).

In other news, it looks like the people, who's internet connection we've been using, have moved out. So no internet for at least a few days at home. I'm typing this at work, which I should probably get back to.



Still Here

Just a quick post, we are still in Hawaii and loving it. We will be flying home a day later than we thought, oh the joys of standby.


Tippi and Rod Do Halloween

This year our theme was from The Birds. I bought the perfect dress from eBay, but after waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive, it never came. So after work on Friday I frantically searched through numerous thrift stores for a new costume. Running out of time, I settled for this yellow suit dress thing straight out of the 80's. We were an hour late to a party we were invited to by some people from our ward. Despite the late start I think the costumes turned out well. After the party Mike put together a little photo shoot for us.