3 weeks

Nico is three weeks old today. As you can see there is lots of staring and sleeping going on around here. We do the former, she does the latter.


the many faces of nico

Here are some more pictures of Nico from the last 2 weeks. Oldest to newest.


a papal visit

The Pope stopped by the other day to see how we were getting on. Very well your holiness.

I will get some more pictures up here tomorrow.


nico sofia comes to town!

Yesterday, at 3:29PM, Nico was born. It was quite an experience and went by relatively quickly. That morning at 3:40am Bille's water broke. We were very tired and I even tried to convince her that she had just peed the bed. We arrived at the hospital at 6am and by 7-7:30 the contractions began. At 11am the doctor decided that she was beginning acive labor and we were moved to one of the delivery rooms. After 3 doses of Fentanyl she was ready to push. 40 minutes later Nico was born.

It was a great experience and we are so happy. I had to come home today to finish a work project due tomorrow, and Bille comes home tomorrow. Bille did an amazing job through the labor and handled the pain really well. Coming home today I already miss seeing our baby. I always thought newborn babies were kind of ugly but Nico is adorable.



For those of you who are wondering if I have had the baby the answer is nope, she is not here yet. I will be two weeks past due on the 6th, and that is when I will go in for an induction if she has not come on her own by then. We really, really, really want her to come on her own but this baby seems to be pretty cozy and comfortable.

I bet some of you are feeling pretty bad for me at this point, two weeks past due! I must be so uncomfortable! Thankfully I still feel really good and I am not horribly uncomfortable or bursting at the seams.

See, I'm okay. Rounder overall, but still feeling good.

In other news, Mike is steadily building up his cooking repertoire so that he can feed us when I don't feel like being in the kitchen. Croque Monsieur, delicious!

Our Christmas tree gave us it's skirt and we were able finally cover the chairs we got months ago. They look very cheery in the kitchen.



Okay, we will keep you posted.