8 months

I know I am late posting this, oh well. This month Nico really was not in the mood to take her obligatory picture on the couch. All she wanted to do was get off the couch an stuff the number badge in her mouth. At least she did not face plant on the ground this time. This baby is super mobile, she crawls all over the place and pulls herself up onto everything, and she has been trying to balance on her own after she pulls herself up onto things. There is nothing she likes better than chewing on books and flipping their pages. She is a great clapper and loves to splash in the tub (I've been waiting for her to figure that one out). Her neck rash is FINALLY getting better! She can click her tongue and she makes all sort of sounds and does lots of whispering to herself and her toys, we really love that little wet whispery voice.

Almost immediately after I wrote that stuff about how regular her naps were last month, she completely threw me for a loop and switched everything up. I still don't know what is going on with her naps except that Mike is the best at getting her to take them and she does not want to nap in her crib, only on our bed (this is a problem since we don't want her ending up on the floor after she wakes up form said nap). Nico is doing much better sleeping through the night, she will usually get up once and sometimes she will sleep the whole night through, I really thought that would never happen! I am glad she finally likes sleeping in her crib, at night anyway.

Nico always liked Mike but now she is completely in love with him, I guess all you have to do it get her to fall asleep on you and she will love you ever after. Or maybe it was that dancing they did. She pretty much still only likes me and Mike, at least when it comes to holding her, hopefully we can persuade her to branch out a bit in the future. I know her grandmas would appreciate that. I know there are things I am forgetting but that is all I can think of for now. We love, love, love Nico!!!

Oh I remembered something! Nico has a great laugh and she thinks dogs and cats are SUPER funny. Just watch.


Camping at Kirby Cove

The other week we went on a mini camping trip. The first for Nico. It was just for one night. It was a lot of fun and the weather ended up being gorgeous the next day. Kirby Cove is a small camp sight right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Really pretty location. The only downside is that there are LOTS of raccoons at night. When it got dark you could see their eyes in the flashlight when they were making a mass exodus from the hills. We kept our food in the car, which was a few hundred yards away, so they weren't too much of a bother.

Our friends Abe and Klarissa came and hung out that evening. When they were leaving that night, these two raccoons scampered up a tree when we came close to them and the car. They ended up on a branch directly overhanging the car. Abe and Klarissa had rented a ZipCar, so to unlock the car you had to hold a key card up to the windshield. Every time Abe came close to them, they would move a bit and bump into ach other, which in turn caused them to start fighting. They sounded like rabid dogs. Scary. Abe manned up and opened the car doors, and Mike and I bolted back to the camp site.

Nico did really well except for waking up every 1-2 hours that night.

Campfire start by yours truly. Mike doubted my fire making skills but I proved him wrong.

We found a baby bear cub in the woods not too far away from our camp site. It looks so helpless and lonely that we had to take it back to our tent. Moments later the bear cub panicked and tried to attack Mike.



And what does your family do when you are out at the grocery store?


A few weekends ago we went with Mike's mom to Monterey and Carmel. Nico enjoyed herself thoroughly, and we enjoyed the sun and beautiful water in Carmel.

Patiently waiting for lunch.

Nico has discovered her tongue.

Cooling off in front of the fan.