Lonesome Week Ahead

It's Mike again. We are all moved in to our new apartment in San Francisco. And by moved in I mean that all of our stuff is covering the floor. Bille left today for Utah to visit with family and to Idaho to get some dental work done. So here I am alone in the big city with nothing but the computer for entertainment (and of course the scriptures). So I thought that I'd post some more pictures from the family photoshoot I did. Enjoy.

My brother looking cool.

My mom.

Yours truly. Notice a theme?


Special... In His Own Way

I don't normally post on here but I was doing a little photo shoot with my mom and brother and I really like the way that these two pictures came out. I also think they go really well together. And I'm not quite sure about the cheesy signature on the bottom.


P.S. Wild Blue satellite internet is horrible.


Perfect Day

This is for those of you who are still in Hawaii. I hope you are taking full advantage of beautiful days like this one. Sigh.


Two Years

Happy Anniversary Mike!  I love you very much.  I hope I make you as happy as you make me.


Mamma Mia!

Did everybody go through an ABBA stage?  Well I certainly did.  So I am really excited to see this movie.  Here are two great songs for you, I couldn't resist! Oh the Swedes.  Just try not to shake your booty, or laugh. 

One more thing, does anyone remember Ace of Base?  I always thought they were the reincarnation of ABBA.  Two guys, two girls, one blonde one with redish brown hair, both from Sweden.  You do the math.



When I popped into Anthropologie the other day I thumbed through this book, and it got me thinking about how much I love perfume.  I keep meaning to do a post about my favorite perfumes, I've got quite a few.   This is one of those books that I would like to have, but probably should not own because it would just give me more information about stuff I already have to much of.  But if I ever need inspiration....  


Well it is finally official, we are moving up to San Francisco.  The best part about moving here is that Mike will only be about 15 minutes away from work, he will not be driving 120 miles a day and get home after seven.  I am so excited to be able to spend more time with him in the evenings.  I know he will be happy about not getting up as early for work.  The place is not that big, a one bedroom, but the location is amazing and we would love to have visitors.  I just have to say, I am really grateful for our prayers being answered.  This could not have happened at a better time, now we have  a place to put that blue couch we just bought!

p.s. I finally get to use all our wedding gifts :)


It's Your Birthday Shout Hooray

One year older and wiser too, happy birthday to you! I love you Mike, hope your day is great.


Can You Believe

it is already July! 

Books and Tacos

 Tuesday library night has become a tradition for Mike and me ever since we left Hawaii.  Sometimes we will go to Super Taqueria (when I was taking that Spanish class Mike told me I had to order in Spanish.  It never happened) for dinner.  But we usually just go straight to the library.  Our evening is full of browsing, whispering and looking at magazines.