My dad on his birthday and Nico, many months ago.


GG Park with and without pants

Train at the zoo. Me having more fun than Nico.
Ginats game



This lot of pictures is of Nico enjoying eating.

First burger and fries

Hot chocolate

Breakfast at La Boulange

Shakes at Fenton's



We went cherry and apricot picking in Brentwood a little while back. We ended up going a little crazy and came home with 20 pounds of fruit. The whole experience felt perfectly like Summer, lots of juicy ripe fruit, a skinned knee or two, rosy red cheeks, sweaty faces and sunscreen greased hair.


We went to Portland last month to discover the city and reconnect with some good friends from Hawaii and San Francisco. We were so hopeful for our much needed vacation, and things were going swimmingly till Mike got the flu. A killer, passed out on the bathroom floor, moaning about the nearness of death, stomach churning, body aching flu. He was a pitiable site. Mike had been working so hard up until our little trip that when he finally took a moment to relax the bug pounced and was ready to ravage his body.

By the end of the trip Mike had rallied considerably, at which point Nico and myself succumbed to the bug, albeit to a much lesser degree. As awful as being sick is, it is a truth that begin sick while not in your own home is undeniably much worse. Thanks to the Kanes and the Kessies for letting us sick up your homes and test the fortitude of your plumbing!

We went to Sauvie Island to pick strawberries and look at the animals.

Andy and Emily doing some sort of chicken voodoo on Nico.

Delmer was so good about sharing his toys with Nico