Laguna Seca

This is where we went on Satrday. I don't know why I even thought I might not like it. When Mike realized the race was down in Monterey and not up in Napa, and that it would not interfere with the Saturday session of Stake conference, he made such pathetic appeals to me that I could not refuse him. You should have see how happy he was, how antsy to get out of the house and on the road. I was not convinced that this day at the tracks was going to be $90 worth of fun, $45 a pop! But I held my tongue and waited to see what the day would be like. When we were almost to the entrance a passing car flagged us down and gave us their tickets, so we got in for free! That made the whole experience a million times better.

The race was on TV the next day so we DVR-ed it and watched the highlights: we figured out how one car lost a tire, saw a car catch on fire, confirmed my suspicion that the Ruby Tuesday car did lose it's hood, and saw cars battle for their positions.

for the sea food lover in you

we saw this car smoke off the track

this was my favorite car. it came in second place



Frizz Be Gone!

I got this from a stash that a roommate in Hawaii left when she moved out, but I never used it because trying to fight the humidity in Hawaii was a losing battle. After using this on my hair yesterday I wonder if it might have worked in Hawaii after all. On a normal day if I had not used this stuff it would have looked like a I had a greasy, rat-nest, pile-o-trash on my head, but not so. Let me tell you what my hair had to go up against Saturday, and then you dear reader can judged for yourself whether or not you think this product passed mustard.

We drove from Morgan Hill to the Laguna Seca race track ( about 90 minutes) in crazy hot heat without AC. The windows were down all the way, all the time. That alone would have done it for my mop, especially going through the different climate change from sweaty heat to sticky coastal humidity. By the time we got to the track (I was all sweaty) my hair still looked fairly unmangled. We spent the next several hours walking around the dusty track, while the hot wind whipped dust and grime all over the place, while I was constantly pulling my hair out of my face. We then drove back with the windows down, I took a nap on the way (another hair grease-ifyer), changed clothes in a parking lot, went to a church meeting and came home. All this was done without the aid of a brush or touch-up, though I will admit I badly wanted one. And Sunday morning when I woke up Mike said my hair still looked pretty good (minus the flat, bald looking spot in the back) and I would have skipped a shower, except I was pretty grimy from the other day.

So what do you think? Not the best picture, but by this time (we were about to leave the track) my hair would have succumbed to my greasy sweaty face and just been gross and looked like day old spaghetti. I used this stuff one other time when we went to San Fransisco, and it worked like a charm there too. Only, I did not think it was that monumental because I was not in a wind tunnel the entire day.

Orange Blossom Special

It has been so hot this past week that it seems crazy to post about a candle or anything dealing with fire, flames or heat, oh well. Shelia gave me a little travel size ergo candle in L'Orange. I wish I could somehow let everyone smell this candle, it is the most wonderful thing you have ever smelled! And I don't say that lightly. The candle smells exactly like orange blossoms, not sweet or cloying, just lovely and pitch perfect. It is the kind of smell you would like to eat, or drink, take a bath in, or wear around your neck. So, so wonderful. Get one for yourself here.


An End to Consternation

Consternation : A state of paralyzing dismay.

Well it is over, over and done with. What? Remember how I posted about that Spanish class I had to take to graduate? That class, the class. The class from Hades has been the bane of my existence for the past month and a half! So tortuous, so horrible, so incomprehensible.

Not speaking Spanish was my largest problem. But oh the glorious light at the end of the verb conjugated tunnel is that I don't have to take the darn class! I no longer have to do a million other things every day {or not do a million other things} to avoid doing the one thing that was so difficult to do every day. I tried, I really did try very hard. I have to take one class. Not three classes I thought I had to take. Three classes I GLADLY would have taken to bypass this one Spanish class. No, I only have to take one class, one English class. ENGLISH! I am overjoyed!

And really, the class I am taking {I already transferred classes, paying a $25 transfer fee, that's right I didn't even have to waste all that money} fits in much better with what I studied. I am happy, thankful, relived, and within as little as 5 weeks DONE!


For Elizabeth

Here is the elephant you requested. Now you just have to come get it.

This little guy is from the last minute patch work gifts book.


I Love You

Hello my darling. It seems so long since I last tasted your sweet nectar, and smelled your intoxicating perfume. I am overjoyed we are again in the same time zone. I will never leave you again. Never.


Where Are You?

Why is it that whenever I really, really, really want to talk to someone in any sort of administration positions {in this case at BYUH} they don't answer their phone? Is it just my lousy timing? It is the end of the semester. Or perhaps they are off island {my favorite}. Would it be SO hard to update the answering machine to say at the end something like, "due to no one being at school right now I have decide to go away on a fabulous vacation. I will however be back on {insert date here}. So sit tight." No one does and I just keep calling and wondering, is she late getting into the office? Is she still working there? Is she really going to be gone for the next 3 weeks?