I am such a sucker for bawdy musicals. Elizabeth, I will see this with you when you come visit. Baby and all.


I think these would be cute in our baby's closet.

See all of them here.

Screenprinting Class

A few weekends ago our friend Andy came into town to teach one of his screenprinting classes. Mike and I attended the class and had a really good time. Andy has been screen printing for over ten years and he really knows his stuff. Andy's website is here, which incidentally Mike built.

Andy has been going all over the place with Nicole's art weekend classes so, you should check out his site and see if there is going to be a class near you. Andy mentioned if you have a large enough group of people who are interested in taking the class you should contact him to see if he can come to you.

Me working a power tool. Hot.

Getting the table ready for a big mess.

Andy will help you finish your screen of your arms are too weak. Mine were.

Inspecting a screen. Job well done.

Mama Bear

I just saw this beautiful necklace on Sunday Suppers and I think I am in love. Also I would like to devour one of those crostatas.

Look at all their goods here.

4 weeks to go

Mike's dad got the baby a flip video for her shower. Let's see if we can restrain ourselves from filling this blog with little videos of her. Here I am with four weeks to go.

Music by Mia Riddle


Happy, Happy!

I want to say thank you to everyone who was praying for us/thinking about us/sending good vibes our way as we waited to hear back about Mike's job interview. He got the job, and we are THRILLED!

When Mike got laid off back in April, he started teaching himself computer/web programming and web development. I admit that I would get a bit impatient at times and say things like, "Maybe you should just apply somewhere just to at least HAVE a job" not really appreciating that he was taking the time to learn something that he really enjoyed and would like to do as a career. Well his perseverance paid off and the perfect job came around and he was ready for it.

Before interviewing for this job Mike was offered another position with his old company and we were tempted to take it just to have the security of a consistent paycheck. However we both felt uneasy about taking the job for a few different reasons. After lots of thinking and praying and some time at the temple (I am so glad we live to close to the temple) Mike turned down the job.

With the arrival of our baby so close at hand this news about Mike being hired is such a relief, and I'll admit I burst into tears of gratitude when Mike got the phone call this morning. We are so grateful for prayer and of our Father in Heaven being mindful of us, as well as the peace that we've had knowing that even if Mike did not get this job everything would be okay. Again thanks to everyone who was thinking of us and lending us support.


Did I Miss The Boat?

You know when you com across something that is really inspiring and you feel like you have discovered something that no one else has? Well I am sure that I am the last person to discover Eddie Ross and his delightful blog. I've been looking through his archives this morning and loving so much of his stuff. Just poke around on his blog and see if you are not inspired too.


Don't Need It

But I certainly want this jacket. I Don't think the pictures do it justice. The best part? It looks cute with my pregnant belly.