Winter break

It has been so cold here the past few weeks! Here is a little something to give you a break from all this winter.

Cake take two

Last night we had a family party for Nico's birthday. It was fun to see everyone again so soon after the holidays. Nico had another little cake and this time she showed us a new trick.



I made a happy birthday banner for Nico's birthday with the help of Stephanie and Sheila. I got the felt here. The felt was reasonably priced (compared to others I've seen), true to color, felt really nice and soft, and is super easy to work with. Thanks Sheila for giving me your source.

I got 4 squares out of one 12 x 18 piece of felt, and I was able to get all the letters out of one pice of white felt. Stephanie told me to pick a font, blow it up, cut it out and use it as a template. I sewed bias tape along the top to string all the letters together. Thanks for letting me make a girl version of your birthday banner Stephanie!

Birthday Cake

Here is a video of Nico eating her cake. It is 4 minutes long. I love it. If I had more self control I would edit it down... but I don't so here it is. As usual please excuse all the screeching and what not.


Happy Birthday Nico!

I can't believe that our sweet little baby is one! The year has gone by so fast. Not a day goes by where we aren't thankful to have her in our lives. More pictures to come.