We need a vacuum. Any suggestions?


My Muse

I am my own muse. Actually, I was just bored and I don't have anyone else to photograph. Bille is usually not willing so I have a lot of pictures of myself. I used two flashes off camera for these pictures. One through an umbrella camera left and another behind me camera right.

My gift to you, me. Merry Christmas.


Christmas Came Early...

for me. Bille let me buy a new camera (not that I actually needed her permission, I mean, I'm the man of the house, right?). Finally took it for a spin today around S.F.

Day in San Francisco

Today Bille and I went for a walk in the city. We didn't really have any plans on where we were going except that we would walk to North Beach. We went up the Embarcadero and then climbed the stairs to Coit Tower(which was not easy). On the way up we saw the famous "Parrots of Telegraph Hill" squaking it up and flying around. Kind of cool to see wild parrots flying around SF. We walked around North Beach and I blew a great photo opportunity of a woman scrubbing a red floor in a laundromat. The lighting and colors were perfect but I chickened out. I came back 15 minutes later and it was too late. We just walked around and stopped in a few stores and came back home through the financial district. We should have made plans so we could have done more, but it was nice to get outside on a really nice day.


Who Knew...

Food fights could be so political.

Explanation here.

Snow in San Francisco?

Well sort of.  I snapped these pictures with my camera phone on the way home from a meeting last night.  On further inspection, i.e. handling the stuff, it seemed to be lots of hail stones that never melted from earlier in the day.  Needless to say it was cold yesterday, and Winter is here.  


If You Need a Dentist

My brother in-law Wade is the bomb dot com as far as dentists go.  He did this gal's teeth on the cover of this here magazine.  So if you live in the greater Boise are you should check out his offices.

 He also did my mom and dad's grillz, and mine too.  If you want to see some before and after pictures of my mom and dad's mouths click here.   



I made these cookies on Thanksgiving and I was so pleased, they turned out perfect!  I've been wanting to make them for a while now but I was looking for the perfect recipe, a tried and true recipe that had very specific instructions.  So thanks to Emily Martin from Inside A Black Apple for doing all the hard work!