4 month checkup

Nico had her four month checkup yesterday, along with another round of immunizations. She is 12 pounds 9.5 ounces, and in the 18th percentile for weight. 24.25 inches long and in the 46th percentile for height (that is hair over two feet tall). Last Friday Nico discovered her feet, and I don't think there is anything cuter than seeing her sucking on her toes.

Today she rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time, and I almost missed seeing it! I got roll #2 on video. Last week we let Nico "cry it out" for the first time. She went on for an hour and twenty minutes. That was awful. We decided it was time try letting her cry herself to sleep because she was starting to only want to fall asleep on me, and after feeding her at night she would only go back to sleep of I let her sleep on me.

Now Nico falls asleep after 15 or 20 minutes of crying, and goes right back to sleep after I feed her at night. She still has not slept an entire night in her "room" because I bring her back into our room and in into her bassinet to sleep until she wakes up for the morning. I am not quite ready to have her completely out of our room yet.


all smiles

Just a warning, I am going to overload you with pictures of Nico.
Silly green PJs and a silly hat. She was so happy until we put her to bed.

Nico's eyes are always puffy in the morning, which is my favorite.

Chillin on the couch.

She loves Sophie. Loves to chew on her face that is.



Just because she looks so cute.


4 months

Well here we are four months old, I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by. Nico looks a wee bit underwhelmed in the obligatory couch and pillow shot.

It is really hard to get a picture of her smiling because when we pull out the camera she stops what she is doing, giggling, smiling, and just stares very soberly at the black box obliterating the photographers face. What can I say, she really likes looking at people's faces.

A few days ago she started to reach out straight in front of her. Now she can actually grab the dangly things on the baby gym when she is under it, no more staring at those little toys just out of reach. She has begun to stretch her arms out to us now, so that she can grab at our hand, face, whatever, and suck on it. Nico smiles very easily, but it takes a bit more effort to get her to laugh. When she does laugh it is usually a loud squawk, or a high squeal. We love it when she favors us with a laugh, we feel so privileged.

Nico is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room. She wakes up a few times at night to eat and usually goes right back to sleep. However, in the early hours of the morning she gets a little restless and noisy, and she ends up in bed with us so we can all sleep a little longer.
We are still just as smitten with her as ever.