Easter egg hunt

Today was the great Easter egg hunt. The weather was divine, the grass was dry and the dogs in the park stayed away (mostly). Nico's egg hunting skills have improved vastly since last year. She took her hoard of eggs under a tree to open and devour undisturbed, kind of like a squirrel.

Eating way too much candy resulted in no nap and crabbiness ensued. But the crabbiness may have been worth it just to watch Nico running around with a candy smeared face enjoying herself. I'm pretty sure Nico thought she was being really sneaky as she ate as much candy as she could get her hands on.


Here are a few pictures that have been hanging around on my desktop.

Nico likes to paint,

and take baths,

and wear her bathing suit.

A stay-cation of sorts

A few weeks ago we had big plans to go to NYC to visit friends, shop, eat and enjoy the amazing weather. Mike took work off and we had both Mike's mom and my parents lined up to watch Nico for 5 whole days. And then our plans fell through and we were left trying to decide what to do instead of go to New York, because there was no way we were going to pass up on all that time to ourselves. So, we decided to stay in our glorious city, take leisurely walks, sleep in, eat at new restaurants, and go to late showing movies. It was SO relaxing!

To change things up a bit we drove a few hours up North to Mendocino and stayed in a bed and breakfast. Sunday we went to the botanical gardens and meandered around Fort Bragg.

I was sad that we did not get to go to NYC, but I think our relaxing stay-cation was the prefect thing to do before this second baby comes along.

Mike did not believe me when I said that those deer were real. He was trying to convince me that they were lawn decorations, until they moved.