sweet liberty

I bet you've heard already but in case you haven't Target is teaming up with Liberty of London for their next Go International round. Yippee! Their fabrics are delicious, I can't wait to see all the goods in person. Here is a little video about it. Oprah has a little sneak peek too.

a toddler dress from the line
a lousy picture of some liberty fabric I picked up at the Britex sale Monday. Still deciding what I am going to do with it.


I like her hair. Mine is almost this long, but short on style for sure. Hehe, you see what I did there? Ba, ha, ha.


she has a cold

She looks so cozy and happy here right? Wrong. This was right before she started sneezing or coughing or something.

This somber look is a little closer to how this little dab is feeling today, only worse. Poor thing, she has a boogery cough and a froggy throat. And what can I do for my little pea? Not much, except love her and cuddle her and try to interest her in eating. Sick babies make me sad.



Mike got me this bag for V-Day. He thought the color was nice and springy, and would make a good baby bag. I am impressed he remembered me pining for it months ago.

two things

First: This morning at around 3:30 after feeding le petite bebe I got two for real deal smiles. That made being up so early 100% worth it. Second: Nico had major gas this afternoon and when Mike opened up her diaper she sprayed the wall across from the changing table. Awesome. Wish I had a picture of the first event for you.


baby bear

I bought this hat for Nico, I just couldn't resist! She hates it. I love it, and it is cold so she has to wear it when we go out.



She has been asleep for HOURS. What is tonight going to be like?

first outing

This is the first time we went out with Nico, she was six days old. We started to go towards Union Square but I got paranoid about all the germs and we just went a few blocks. Nico slept the whole time.

5 weeks and one day

I really can't believe that we've had Nico for five weeks already, the time has flown by. Here is what's new:

- I won't say that she has actually smiled at us yet but she is definitely working on those muscles while she is awake as opposed to only when she is sleeping. She started looking more "smiley" during her fourth week.
- She can hold her head up pretty well now and loves to look around and make eye contact.
- She hates tummy time.
- We've had mixed reviews about baths, she seems to like being in the shower with me best.
- She is eating really well and has a darling little double chin, and the rolls on her legs are getting more chubby.
- She likes to make cooing noises after being changed or when she is on her back under her baby gym.
- We were feeding her a bottle at night but that ended up confusing her so now I am only breast feeding her till she gets a bit older.
- We are all getting used to one another and the whole sleeping and night feeding thing is going pretty well.
- Her eyes started out that slate grey/blue but are quite a bit lighter now. I am curious to see what color they end up being.
- Nico's hair looks kind of red or auburn at times, and brown at others, also curious to see what color her hair is going to be.

Sorry if I you've called and I have not called back, I usually try and take a nap if Nico is napping. Or I am just being lazy.

gas smile