Mommy and Me

This post title kinda creeps me out, whatever.  My mom came up last Friday.  We went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the de Young.  Lovely.


Bad News

Just thought I'd let you know (it is all over blog land) Domino is going under.  First Blueprint now this.  If Dwell goes under I am killing myself.



Mike really hates buying new clothes for himself.  He hates the dressing rooms, looking through racks of clothes, or feeling rushed.  Our friend tipped us off about the in-store sale at Banana Republic, lots of clothes for cheap.  After work I popped into BR and got five pairs of pants, ranging from $13 to $50.  Mike is keeping three pairs of pants.  A job well done.  Mike likes having a personal shopper, and he did not have to go into any dressing rooms.  He was very happy.  And now my favorite jeans ad.


New CD

I can't recall the last time I purchased a new CD.  We do listen to new music around here (Mike can find almost anything on the internet for me) but you know what I mean, you go out and get the CD because you can't wait to hear it, you are just that excited.  We saw Mia Riddle last night thanks to Rob and Sharon.  It was totally worth listening to the two forgettable bands that proceeded her show, it was worth going to bed at 2:00 am.  She was really great live.  And now I've got hair inspiration again.

photo via flickr


Some Catching Up

So Bille and I have been slacking on putting anything up on the blog, so there are a lot of pictures taken that need to be posted. On New Year's Day we decided to take a little trip to get out of the city. On a whim, we chose to go to Santa Barbara. Nice place. Being winter, there was a laid back vibe and not a lot of people. On the way back home, we stayed in San Luis Obispo so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home at once. Overall, it was a nice relaxing weekend.

BTW, besides the pictures of Bille or a sunset, Bille most likely took the picture.


Out With The Old In With The New

Happy New Year to all! We were pretty quiet last night, we walked over to the Embarcadero to watch the fireworks and then walked home. We are driving down to Santa Barbara today, so we have lots of time in the car for fine tuning our new resolutions.

[Picture via Flickr]