Spanish 2102

So I finally did it! The one thing that has been hanging around my to do list for literally months, just waiting, waiting, waiting to be checked off. This Spanish class finally opened up and I have signed up to take it. I am now waiting for the paraphernalia to come in the mail so I can begin to slog through this class. Darn* you Dr. R for not passing me, that's right, darn* you.

*I felt bad for swearing, please forgive me.


New Book

I have had my eye on this book for a while, so I got it yesterday. I am so excited to start some new projects. Here is a Flickr group of projects from the book people have completed.


Internet loathing

I am currently hating our Internet: connection, provider, speed, everything. Good luck to me if this even gets posted.



Here is the recipe for the cookies below. If anyone makes them tell me how they turn out.

The blurred text in the corner of the picture says: corners squared, like a business letter, edge faces right



The other day I was feeling rather ambitious and decided that I would try and make palmiers. The dough is a puff pastry, so there is lots of butter (5 sticks), lots of rolling, and chilling for hours. I wanted to have something special to bring to Mike when I picked him up form the airport. I think they turned out quite well.


and that is where my lover is.


Last Days in Hawaii

For some reason I had it in my head that I put these pictures up. Well I thought wrong. These are from about 2 months ago {but who doesn't like seeing pictures of themselves?} when our friends threw us a little going away party. It was the prefect way to say goodbye. After the most perfect day at Pipeline. While we were enjoying the perfect surf conditions {the locals were saying they had not seen Pipe break like that in years} we noticed way out beyond the break a bunch of whales splashing around. There must have been 3 or 4 of them and they were going crazy. I said, well I think the only thing that could make this day even better is if we see a rainbow. A few minutes later Mike pointed behind us and said, there is your rainbow. It was the perfect last day in Hawaii. And thanks Andy, for teaching us all about the wonderful world of colonics.

Desert Living

So, by now you have probably seen the new J.Crew Spring looks shot at the Kaufmann house, gorgeous. I first became aware of this wonderful home two years ago when I saw the Americana Manhasset Spring 06 look book. I would pour over the images, just staring at them and taking in everything over and over again. Living in the desert never looked so good. So, a bit of trivia, remember that W shoot with Brad and Angelina and the "fake family"? That was shot down the street from the Kaufmann house. And, if you are in the market to buy, and have 15-25 million in spare cash, well then you can be the proud owner of this historic and beautiful home {here is a slide show for you}.