Aloha, Hawaii!!!

We finally got tickets to go to Hawaii (thanks very much Emily).  We will be there November 9th to the 16th.  We can't wait to see everyone!


Dress, Dress, Shirt

I tried the top dress on today.  I loved it.  I love it so much that if this gown had been around when I got married I am pretty sure I would have wanted to wear it.  

I liked this shirt too.  Looks like I am feeling beige these days.


Old News

I was looking at some old pictures.  I like these.


Yo, Ho, Ho

I went to Jess and Cat's today to help out while they are packing up to move.  Today was Jacob's birthday.  We had a little singing and some cupcakes.  And then Jacob turned into a pirate.


Something Unexpected

I was looking at the new wedding dresses at J.crew and watched this little video of their favorite first dance. Made me laugh.

O Pioneers!

Last night I finished Willa Cather's, O Pioneers!  I loved it.  Cather's writing style resonates so deeply.  I wish I could adequately describe the swell of emotions I experienced while reading this book.  Her writing is beautiful, and it made me want to be in the middle of nowhere working the land.


Just so you know

J.crew is having  a massive sale right now.  This is THE best time to get a bathing suit there.  This little number is only 20 bucks.



So here is a little bragging.  This is my nephew Max, he is seven.  He learned how to wakeboard this summer.  I think the motivation to do it was something like this, "We will take you to... or, we will get you a... if you can get upon the wakeboard by yourself".  Pretty good for a little guy huh?