2:00 AM

I just realized why I am still awake. Coffee ice cream.


7 months (and six days)

Nico has lot's of new tricks for me to tell you about. She has two teeth, says baba, blah, and dada, blows raspberries and she can now crawl. All these new things just happened about a week and a half ago pretty much all at the same time. Nico is now trying her hand at pulling herself up onto things, and I swear she is going to be walking before we know it. She is indifferent as far as solid food is concerned, unless we are feeding her something sweet.

Nico very consistently takes two two hour naps a day, the first one two hours after she wakes up and the second two hours after her first nap. She smiles lots and loves to see Mike when he gets home from work. She still likes being out and riding around in the bjorn meeting new people and seeing new things. She likes to be read to, or at least she tolerates it if we give her her own book to chew on. She is still very petite, weighing just over 15 pounds, but even though she is little she still has deliciously chubby legs, arms and cheeks. We are still completely in love with Nico, and are constantly delighted by her sweet little personality and curiosity.


You can see her teeth and the neck rash that the pediatrician said will most likely stay till she, "grows a neck".

This one was really blown out, but she just looked so cute I had to try and salvage it.


Sad story, about 20 seconds after taking these pictures Nico took a nose dive off the couch. Then we both had a good cry.



A few weeks ago at the park I saw a little girl in ballet slippers. They were so sweet and I can't stop thinking about them.

These are perfect.

But realistically Nico will probably be sporting something more along the lines of these, which are also darling.


it has been cold

The good thing about it being cold here is that I can dress Nico up like a snow elf. And I get to wear my new fancy slippers.

Here we are at Fort Point last Saturday. The wind it was a blowin'!

No matter the weather in San Francisco it is always warm at mom and dad's house.