The weather's not too warm during summer in San Francisco, but at Grammy's house it's always nice. And what do you eat when the weather's warm? Popsicles!



This is what having a new baby in the house feels like.



I love these two together.  Sabine looks a little wary of Nico in lots of these pictures, but she really lights up whenever Nico is around. These were taken when Sabine was one month old.

Mom and Dad

Here are some pictures of us with Sabine.

One last outing

These pictures seem like they are from a million years ago.  This was one of the last outings Nico and I had (Grammie also came up to play) before Sabine was born.  There was a penny carnival at the Potrero Hill Rec center.  It was so fun watching Nico run wild.

Here are a few more for good measure.

So, we had a baby

Sabine InĂ©s, born Thursday May 10th, at 4:06 pm, weighing 7 pounds 5 oz. and 19 inches long.  I had Mike write down the details of the day just after I delivered Sabine, just to make sure we did not forget anything.

Everything was straightforward and once things got going they progressed quickly.  I started timing my contractions a bit before 7am, as I had been having them off and on throughout the night.  When Mike left for work they were about 15 minutes apart and I told him to be prepared to come home if I needed him. He told me he had a meeting, so I should try to wait till lunch time to have the baby, very funny.  I called my mom to let her know that I thought the baby would finally be making her debut (8 days past her due date and one day before I was scheduled to be induced) so she should get her stuff ready to go.
My contractions kept getting close and closer together, 10 minutes, 7 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes.  By this time I had been sending mike urgent messages via Skype

Bille 5/10/12 10:21 AM
okay. maybe before.
5/10/12 10:45 AM
you there?
5/10/12 10:45 AM
that last one was pretty intense.
5/10/12 10:45 AM
5/10/12 10:45 AM
if I have any more like that last one I may be getting pretty close.
mike gniewosz 5/10/12 10:46 AM
5/10/12 10:50 AM
i'll leave as soon as i can
Bille 5/10/12 10:50 AM
okay. plese do. here comes another one....
5/10/12 11:12 AM
mike gniewosz 5/10/12 11:12 AM
almost done
Bille 5/10/12 11:13 AM
5/10/12 11:26 AM
can you come home yet?
mike gniewosz 5/10/12 11:29 AM
packing up
Bille 5/10/12 11:29 AM
5/10/12 11:33 AM
what are you doing back online?
5/10/12 11:47 AM

So Mike finally came home around noon, my mom got there a few minutes later and we basically left the house 


So, I started that post two months ago, whoops!  We've been a little busy!  Anyhow, let me just wrap up the labor and delivery story for ya, I'll make it short. 

Mike dropped me off at the hospital and went to park the car, I told them I was pretty sure I wanted to try an epidural (hallelujah! I will be doing that from now on) they checked me in and I was at a four.  A bit later I got an epidural, it took about 45 minutes for it to kick in. They must have done a pretty good job because I could still move around and feel stuff.  I was so much more relaxed and much nicer to Mike than when I had Nico (and no mooing like a cow this time).  

So, we just sort of hung out for a bit I got the epidural at 2:00 they checked me again at 3:45, I was at a 10.  My water bag was still intact, and Sabine's head was super low.  I told them to go ahead and break the bag and get this thing going. The doctor broke the bag at 3:55, just with her hand, is splooshed all over the place, Mike looked away for one second and was bummed to have missed it, he heard it though. They asked me to do a test push and then said WAIT because the baby was going to come out and they needed to get everything ready.  So I paused, pushed twice and Sabine was born at 4:06.  She was screaming very loudly and got a 9 on the Apgar both times.  Good girl.

Needless to say we are in love with our little bean.  She sleeps really well (she slept through the night when she was 3 weeks old, that has only happened once, but it sure was nice) eats really well and is just a pretty relaxed baby.  She has big round eyes, a sweet little nose and mouth, and she absolutely  adores Nico.  

So now onto the pictures.