Haliewa Eats, Fall 2005
Good grinds, ya!
Rexburg, 2004


family news! said...

Mike and Bille:

This is your cousin-in-law, colleen stephenson.
got your invitations today in the mail. congratulations! obviously, we won't be able to come down, but we wish you the best.

just one question---what nationality is Gniewosz?

lots of love--colleen

Marie said...


Congrats! It's been awhile o.O I just got your invitation today! Alas, we won't be able to make it out for your wedding, so we'll be sending best wishes instead. I'll do my best to break out the stationary and write a letter catching you up on all the going's on and such. I'll be posting a blog with pics a stuff soonish...I hope all is going well! Talk to you soon,

Your friends "The Markey's"!
Marie and Ryan

ps...we had our first baby on March 28th! A son named William Christopher

Pisei Poeuv said...

Mike and Bille,

Congrats! It's been a while. Yeah for the both of you. I just got your invitation in the mail but I just got a new job so I will not be able to make it to your wedding but wish you the best and hope that all goes well for you. Let's stay in touch. Take care! The best of luck to you!

Love Pisei Poeuv

somebody said...