A few people asked how I did the picture on the last post, truth be told I didn't do it, Mike did. I saw something like it and told Mike what I wanted and he figured it out. I have been trying to convince him that he should have his own photo blog, or perhaps post on here about how to do some of the cool tricks he does {some of which are represented in the following pictures}. So, expect that to come.

Here are some pictures Mike took while he was in Poland last week for his Grandma's funeral. While he was there Mike picked up a V-Day gift for me, a beautiful tear shaped amber pendant {I guess Poland is known for it's amber}. Thanks Mike, I am glad you are home.

Mike stitched together 6 or 7 pictures to create this one


this is 6 or 7 pictures layered to get the best out of all of them

old town Warsaw

Mike wearing his Grandpa's coat

Uncle Gregosz and Grandpa

at the cemetery


Ashley said...

Beautiful Mike. You really are talented. I love how the last two really tell a story of love and sadness. There's so much emotion in that photo of your grandpa. Hope your trip went well.

Keoni and Sheila Rich said...

Wow, great pictures! Mike, your grandpa is really cute. He reminds me of my grandpa from Italy.- on the side note...Hey Bille guess who came into golf yesterday.... Daniel Kim from LOST- the Korean guy. He is really nice too. He does a really good job acting because normally he's like a typical local guy from hawaii. It was hard to recognize him with his normal self-character. I was so used to the Korean guy who barely speaks English.

MommyCat said...

These are absolutly beautiful pictures! Can I have your camera? :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

these photos of seriously amazing and brilliant. i want a book of them!

pillingfamily said...

oh oh oh. I LOVE these pictures! I would hang that last one of Mike's grandpa on my wall, even though i don't know him. you're really so talented mike.

theJorgies said...

wow ... what else is there to say. WOW

somebody said...