Desert Living

So, by now you have probably seen the new J.Crew Spring looks shot at the Kaufmann house, gorgeous. I first became aware of this wonderful home two years ago when I saw the Americana Manhasset Spring 06 look book. I would pour over the images, just staring at them and taking in everything over and over again. Living in the desert never looked so good. So, a bit of trivia, remember that W shoot with Brad and Angelina and the "fake family"? That was shot down the street from the Kaufmann house. And, if you are in the market to buy, and have 15-25 million in spare cash, well then you can be the proud owner of this historic and beautiful home {here is a slide show for you}.


Jess said...

Oooooooo, I want it.

Ah, Bille can I borrow a little cash for like a week or Two?

No really I'm good for it.

Kate said...

Gorgeous! I love the retro look of the architecture... but it might be a wee bit too hot outside for my taste!

That's funny you enjoy things from Americana Manhasset, that mall was right down the street from my NY house and it was so fun to go look at all the stuff I'll never be able to afford while shoppers like J.Lo would be actually purchasing the stuff! Envy...

pillingfamily said...

those mountains behind the house are amazing.

somebody said...


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