We're Back (with no internet)

We just got back from Hawaii yesterday. What a blast! Thanks to Sheila and Keoni and Anna and Zane for letting us stay with you. It was really good seeing all of you. Pictures will be up eventually. We just need to catch up on some sleep(staying up 36 hours to catch all the flights).

In other news, it looks like the people, who's internet connection we've been using, have moved out. So no internet for at least a few days at home. I'm typing this at work, which I should probably get back to.



Ashley said...

Can't wait to see pictures. Although, it will probably just make me wish I was there instead of here.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

we miss you guys already- i felt the same sad kinda empty feeling from when you left in january. hopefully we will meet up again soon!

Life with the Rich's said...

Mike- you're so sneaky. Get back to work.

Well, ditto what Stephanie said. My heart is with you. "I left my heart in San Fransico"- (I just had to sing that)

I'm awaiting the Kualoa pix because mine were terrible with the camcorder. Blah.

We miss you-come back soon

MommyCat said...

Welcome back home...love to see the pics. See you guys at Thanksgiving :)

Ashley said...

Please get internet soon!

Anonymous said...