Still here, sort of. Just thought I would throw this up here because it has been on my mind.

Aromatics Elixir makes me think of a Nubian princess. This scent is very heavy with incense, I imagine this is what it might have smelled like in some ancient Egyptian temple. That doesn't sound appealing to you? You don't want to be mistaken for some one who has been embalmed? Fear not, I do not suggest this because it will make you smell like mothballs or a cedar chest, but because it is unexpectedly wonderful.

Recently I smelled two different women wearing this, how do I know this is what they were wearing? Because I asked them you silly ducks! They smelled so good I had to stop them and ask, what is that glorious scent you are wearing? The first woman layered AE with Clinique Happy Heart, and it sort of smoothed out the ancient temple and tombs smell of AE with the fresher cleaner notes of HH (a fragrance I really don't like on its own, it is too vinegary for my taste, but one I found delightful layered with AE). The second woman said she was just wearing the AE lotion, which was lighter and lovely.

Aromatics Elixir is much like the essential oils and incense that it calls to mind, it mixes well with other fragrances, or is great on it's own.

On a side note, this fragrance makes me think of Mattie Thomas, a sassy, classy, beautiful black woman I met on my mission. She wore this scent and it made her seem at 81, even more regal and sexy. She sort of was a Nubian Queen.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

my mom used to wear this and it's kinda funny - she too knew a classy black woman who wore it and she would always smell her and finally one day she couldnt resist asking her what she wore and the lady told her and it was this. she wore it for like a year or so after that.

sheila said...

wow Bille, you really know how to put down scents on paper/computer screen. You explained it so well I even took a big breathe to see if I could smell it by chance through cyber-space.
I'm interested in the scent- I've always wanted to know what an Egyptian tomb smells like.

Anonymous said...