Screenprinting Class

A few weekends ago our friend Andy came into town to teach one of his screenprinting classes. Mike and I attended the class and had a really good time. Andy has been screen printing for over ten years and he really knows his stuff. Andy's website is here, which incidentally Mike built.

Andy has been going all over the place with Nicole's art weekend classes so, you should check out his site and see if there is going to be a class near you. Andy mentioned if you have a large enough group of people who are interested in taking the class you should contact him to see if he can come to you.

Me working a power tool. Hot.

Getting the table ready for a big mess.

Andy will help you finish your screen of your arms are too weak. Mine were.

Inspecting a screen. Job well done.


Sofia Deyanira said...

Lovely and prego screenprinting Bille! Did you screen a baby t-shirt?!

Anna K. said...

Rad! You look so good too! I can't wait to see your little one!

Stefani said...

I'm a cheater. I got the Yudu Machine this summer. You can see my latest creation on my blog if you want. How fun that you got to do the real thing though!

sheila said...

well, I am just a bit jealous of that! Its up my alley.

congrats to Mike too with his job. That is really awesome.

and you are looking great. nice and full.

can't wait to see you guys... one more week! I'll call you later.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you look so great and what a cool class to take! we've made (well thomas has) a few screens in our day... but nothing this major. it really looks rad.

Randy and Danielle said...

Hi Boo,
We will be in Morgan Hill for Thanksgiving (at brad and lisa's house) and I have a gift for the baby. I will leave it at your parent's house, unless you will be around? Let me know, :)

Bille said...

Sofia, we screen printed tote bags, but I am all equipped to screen anything now.

Steph, the thing I really liked about the class is that Andy starts with wood and screws and shows you how to make your own screen that you take home. It really is a great class. And I bet he would love to go to Hawaii and teach a class ;)

Danielle, we will be at my mom and dad's place, we are going down tonight.

liz stanley said...

oh man i want to do this so bad! hope he comes back to san fran

Bille said...

He is! January 16th i think.

somebody said...