For those of you who are wondering if I have had the baby the answer is nope, she is not here yet. I will be two weeks past due on the 6th, and that is when I will go in for an induction if she has not come on her own by then. We really, really, really want her to come on her own but this baby seems to be pretty cozy and comfortable.

I bet some of you are feeling pretty bad for me at this point, two weeks past due! I must be so uncomfortable! Thankfully I still feel really good and I am not horribly uncomfortable or bursting at the seams.

See, I'm okay. Rounder overall, but still feeling good.

In other news, Mike is steadily building up his cooking repertoire so that he can feed us when I don't feel like being in the kitchen. Croque Monsieur, delicious!

Our Christmas tree gave us it's skirt and we were able finally cover the chairs we got months ago. They look very cheery in the kitchen.



Okay, we will keep you posted.


Ashley said...

Thanks for the update! I've been checking several times a day since the 24th. I was hesitant to call or text in case you were feeling annoyed with too many inquiries.

Van was a week late. He decided to come on his own on the exact day I was scheduled to be induced. Maybe your little one will do the same!

Best of luck! We're thinking of you.

Ashley said...

PS: You look great and I love the chair.

a mermaid said...

oh thank you - i have been not wanting to pester you if you just had a newborn and are all exhausted and whatnot but i've been DYING TO KNOW too! and good for you being all patient and not whaley. i need to learn a lesson from you if i ever enter pregnanthood again. bravo!

and of course i LOVE THE CHAIRS too!

Norah said...

thank you a million times. i think about you daily. if not more.

sheila said...

i just pestered Mike on facebook about what is happening. hahaa.
she's just too cozy in there. Late or later... THIS IS THE WEEK! I'm crazy excited for you.
I really like the chairs you made. I assumed you made them. right?

Becky said...

I was hoping you had the first baby of the new year and new decade...oh well. Two weeks over due is also pretty amazing and you look great! Mike food looks SO good! I've never heard of that dish, fancy! What a good husby.

And the chair looks great!

BrookeandSpence said...

I was wondering about your baby girl, but I did not want to bug you again asking if she was here. You look wonderful! Stone was comfy cozy also and I felt great up until the day he was induced. I'll pray that she will come on her own before Wednesday. Getting induced is not fun!!! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...