5 weeks and one day

I really can't believe that we've had Nico for five weeks already, the time has flown by. Here is what's new:

- I won't say that she has actually smiled at us yet but she is definitely working on those muscles while she is awake as opposed to only when she is sleeping. She started looking more "smiley" during her fourth week.
- She can hold her head up pretty well now and loves to look around and make eye contact.
- She hates tummy time.
- We've had mixed reviews about baths, she seems to like being in the shower with me best.
- She is eating really well and has a darling little double chin, and the rolls on her legs are getting more chubby.
- She likes to make cooing noises after being changed or when she is on her back under her baby gym.
- We were feeding her a bottle at night but that ended up confusing her so now I am only breast feeding her till she gets a bit older.
- We are all getting used to one another and the whole sleeping and night feeding thing is going pretty well.
- Her eyes started out that slate grey/blue but are quite a bit lighter now. I am curious to see what color they end up being.
- Nico's hair looks kind of red or auburn at times, and brown at others, also curious to see what color her hair is going to be.

Sorry if I you've called and I have not called back, I usually try and take a nap if Nico is napping. Or I am just being lazy.

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Ashley said...

Yea, an update. She is just so adorable. Sounds like you guys are having a good time becoming best friends.

Becky said...

So so cute!

sheila said...

she is so darling!
she actually gets me excited again to have a baby- which I haven't been 100%.
I love her little chunkyness too.

a mermaid said...

i love her! good job napping when she naps. i never did that and i am a VERY tired woman to this day.

ah, nico, so precious.

Anna K. said...

I love her she is sooooooooo cute!

somebody said...