3 months

Sunday Marked three months that we've had Nico. As you can see Nico is getting rounder, and squishier. She is an expert at holding her head up and swiveling it all over to look everywhere. I mentioned in a previous post that Nico found her hands and loves to suck and slurp on them. She has also become quite talkative, and likes to chirp, squeal, and coo. We of course are delighted to hold long dribbly conversations with her.

As far as sleeping goes she is still waking up a few times at night to eat, but she is much quicker about going right back to sleep. She loves to have a soft blanket put up to her face when she is falling asleep in her swing or car seat. We discovered this calms her down pretty quickly when she is tired and fussy, she just snuggles into her blanket and dozes off. We've taken to calling her Burka baby because many times all you can see are her eyes when we wrap her up. Don't worry we are not going to smother her, and we don't do this at night :).

She still likes to be swaddled at night and for some of her naps, but she is getting to be quite strong and can break out of a swaddle if we don't do it nice and tight. Her legs are getting to be pretty strong too. She loves to kick them, and she can stand without too much help from us. This next bit may be too much information for you, but it is a very real part of life with Nico. Nico is a really gassy baby. I'd say she has pretty average burps for a baby (without much spitting up) but as far as other things go, she could rival a grown man. I guess she really is our daughter. We are so glad we've got Nico, and I feel so and lucky to be able to stay at home with her and watch over her.


pillingfamily said...

oh, those cheeks!!

Peter and Amber said...

She is so adorable! I agree with Elizabeth, those cheeks are to die for! :-)

Jake was getting really good at breaking out of his swaddle so we got one of those Swaddle Me things and now he rarely can escape (although, he still manages to do it sometimes).

shawna said...

I love the pictures your film camera takes! Nico is lit perfectly.

She is perfect.

a mermaid said...

In that second picture she looks so proud of herself- as she should be! Three months is major. :)

sheila & keoni said...

she really is so precious. I love her skin. it looks so soft.
I can't believe it's been three months already too!

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