6 Months

Holla! Six months y'all!

The last six months have literally flown by. It is a little alarming to think that Nico is already half a year old. When I look back on what Nico was like and what she could do when she was just born, and compare her to now it really is amazing.We are endlessly entertained by this little dab.

Nico took her first road trip last month. We drove all the way to Boise with my sister and her four kids. Nico did remarkably well, and slept most of the way. While we were there she had her first boat ride. There was a little crying at first, but the heat of the day and being smushed into an infant lifejacket helped her to fall asleep pretty quickly.

On the drive back to California, this time just me Mike and Nico, we only stopped three times (and once was just to get gas) pretty good for almost 12 hours. We did take a longer stretch in Truckee, ate and headed over to a park so Nico could move around, and show us her newest trick of being able to sit up on her own.

Nico is an expert roller, and pretty tenacious when it comes to getting something she want, even if it is across the room. I am not sure how much Nico weighs or how long she is (her six month checkup is next week) but she certainly is getting chubby and has the most delicious thighs.

Sleeping. I don't even want to talk about it. Let's just say that the little lady prefers to sleep on a down comforter over almost anything else. And every once and a while she likes to wake up at around 3:30 am and hang out for two hours, refusing to go back to sleep. Charming.

Nico is happy to be out and about, she would much prefer being out than in the apartment any day. So we take lots of walks and she is a great little shopping companion. She is very curious and is interested in anything that we are holding or eating (more on that later). Nico likes to flail her arms and leg around when she is excited. She smiles lots and is ticklish on her sides (just like her dad) and if you get her really laughing she will sometimes snort. We are really enjoying this stage. Nico is so responsive and fun. We love her so much!

How about another yell?


Tami said...

Darling little girl! I love seeing her gorgeous face every month!

Stefani said...

Oh my goodness she is so Ca-ute!

a mermaid said...

thanks for the cute update!

i miss you dear one. let's talk soon. or skype!

or best of all, come in sept maybe like you said you maybe might maybe do for something for work maybe?


Peter and Amber said...

So cute! This is definitely the best stage so far. So much fun!

BrookeandSpence said...

So cute....I love those big eyes and perfect little eyebrows. So bummed I missed you guys when I was in the Bay.

Becky said...

Wow, she is getting big! Time sure does fly. What a cutie!

pillingfamily said...

come back soon.