10 months

We have officially entered the realm of the double digits. I guess that the biggest news for this post is that Nico can walk. Yes Nico can walk alright, but so far she only does it if we are holding something over her head that she wants. It is kind of funny to see such a little person tottering about, but it makes our hearts swell with paternal joy. She is very talkative, babbling all the time and she also likes to mimic the noises we make.

The primary part of Nico's diet right now is paper and book bindings. No, not really but she sure does shred up any paper, magazine, book, or anything made of tree pulp that she can get her hands on. She has entered into the stage where she picks up everything on the floor and pops it into her mouth. This new trick has brought to light my lousy vacuuming, sweeping, and general housekeeping skills. I never knew that there were so many fuzz balls and dust bunnies around, but Nico spots them and puts them in her mouth for safe keeping. Speaking of vacuuming, Nico has this strange fascination with vacuum. The vacuum is obviously a little scary to her, but I think she gets a little excited whenever I bring it out (excited I'm doing some cleaning no doubt). She crawls after the roaring beast as I vacuum, but then she will come over to my leg and climb up it and sort of bounce around and make little noises indicating that she is a little scared and would like me to pick her up. I don't know what it all means but it is pretty funny.

Whenever we are out people always comment on Nico's eyes, and they always mistake her for a boy. She is working on her upper teeth, the two front ones for sure and perhaps a third on the side. I will blame teething for the less than stellar sleep we are getting around here. I hope that things will return to normal once those teeth are out.

Nico is enjoying more solid foods, she especially likes sharp cheddar cheese and cheerios (what baby does not thought).
Her hair is getting long and a little shaggy.

Really shaggy.

I love how she is all rumpled and a little loopy after she wakes up from a nap. She is super cuddly and puffy eyed.

We really admire that delicious double chin.

And that plump little mouth.

And her chubby caterpillar legs.

Here is her latest trick. Notice if you will what we are using as an incentive to get her going. Paper!


Peter and Amber said...

Wow! You are more on top of it than I am. Jake's been 10 month for a couple of weeks now and I haven't posted yet! That's so exciting that she is walking (and I'm sure a little nerve wracking)! Jake is close but hasn't quite let go of the couch and taken off. We have to get them together some time! :-)

sheila said...

WOw, what an early walker!
I cannot WAIT to see her.

oh, and you and Mike too.
Pretty soon.

(and I think the house will be done-yes)

Randy and Danielle said...

She is just adorable...I can't believe she is walking! My kids were both 14 months old! Keep the pictures coming, they brighten my day :)!!

I am MommyCat said...

What a dumpling! WALKING...yay Nico! Time is going too fast.

Bryan and Sarah said...

She is such a pretty girl!