11 months

Nico is 11 months old! Mike and I keep saying that over the past few months her personality has really begun to take shape and she seems more like a little person every day. She is so much fun!

Nico is now a walker and almost a runner. She says baby and boo when we play peek-a-boo. In general she just babbles on and on and makes all sorts of new sounds. She has begun to mimic us by nodding her head yes and no, and making different hand motions like waving, and pointing. She loves to greet Mike when he comes home from work, she will hear the door open and run into the hall squealing and ready to give Mike a giant smile and tackle his legs. She is learning how to kiss us, which sort of looks like she wants to bite our faces off. She has 6 teeth and is teething again (boo). She is a pretty good eater, and will readily try new things. Nico loves to play with other babies and kids, I think being in Hawaii with our friends and playing with their kids everyday was really great for Nico, and it was really entertaining to watch her playing with and get excited to see other kids. I'm sure I am leaving stuff out, but suffice it to say Nico is doing well, learning lots and delighting us every day.


stephanie joy said...

She is a precious little peach of a babe. I miss her cheeky cheeks. Pinch all of them for me. All four. Love you guys! Skype was fun! I just liked seeing your face.

sheila said...

oh nico. You're face should be on the gerber foods products.