Have you missed us?

I know some of you have missed us, read: Grandmas/siblings, so here we are again. I've been a real slacker in the monthly picture of Nico department. I never posted an official 12 month photo of Nico, and I never took an official 13 month photo of her at all. Whoops! So here you go, lots and lots of pictures to fill in for the last few months.

14 months
We will call this one 13 months.
12 months. Bam!

14 months, and a boogery cold
She really likes her books

Bieber fever
See, I told you she loves her books.

These are all from the park that is a few blocks up from our apartment. Nico loves the swings, the fountains and all the dogs.

I could not resist adding this one.
More books.

We've been to the academy of sciences a few times over the last month and Nico loves it. There is so much to see and do. Nico will run around babbling and pointing at everything. We've really enjoyed our trips there.

Living roof + Mike being sassy.

This is a few seconds after the "snow" was turned on.
Check out her foot.

Eating something really messy, and yelling for more.

Sunday best.

We went to the Chinese New Year parade. This was right after, we were still all bundled up. Check out her shoes, bought just for the evening.


These kids looked soooo bored.
During the parade.


Anna K. said...

Ummm, okay, she is like the most adorable girl ever! I love her hair! You are all such a stylish family. I want to see you guys!!

stephanie joy said...

I HAVE been missing you! I told Sheila last week that I had no idea what you guys were up to- hoping that she did! Thanks for posting my friend. The "creepy" captions had me laughing out loud. And I called Thomas over to look at how long and pretty Nico's hair is! She's already so different since you guys were here. :( I guess she is allowed to grow up. I love her bib too. You guys are all so lovely and stylish. LOVE YOU!

I am MommyCat said...

I will look at these pics 100 times......LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! You were'nt kidding when u said her hair grew longer..so adorable.

pillingfamily said...

hooray! you're back.

sheila said...

um, yeah- we've missed you.
Look at Nico's hair. It all of a sudden started to grow.
She is adorable as ever, still.
Jealous that you guys live so close to a china town.

Peter and Amber said...

She is such a doll! Her hair is getting so long...we really need to get together sometime! :-)

BrookeandSpence said...

Nico is the most adorable little girl ever. I will be in the bay area in about a week we will definitely have to get together. I still can't believe i have never met your little munchkin. You look gret too I might add.

Abe said...

Feast or famine on the Neevosh & Boo blog I see. Nico looks like she was in such a good mood in that book-eating pic--like she'd played all evening with her best friend or something.

Unfortunately, after this post I've now got to file your blog in my Reader under "blogs that post their baby's hiney" folder which I don't read as often. No hard feelings. :)

Ashley said...

Boy oh boy, it's good to have you back. I am loving all of these. Nico has definitely has personality and I love it.

shawna said...

She is the cutest, most perfect little thing ever.