This year Nico was old enough to actually be able to participate in Easter. On that Saturday before Easter, we went to Golden Gate Park with some friends and did an Easter egg hunt. And by hunt I mean place eggs on the ground and watch the kids find them. Nico didn't quite understand the concept, so she would walk around, pick up an egg, and then put it back down on the ground. In the end only one egg went into her basket.

On Sunday morning we gave Nico her Easter basket. I think that her favorite toy was the paper grass that was used for filling. That afternoon we went down to my parents' house for Easter dinner, and our good friends the Thomas came along. We tried another egg hunt in the backyard with better results. We used chocolate eggs, and Nico would pick them up and take a big bite out of them, foil and all. I had to chase her around to make sure she didn't swallow all of it.

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Becky said...

so cute! Such great pictures. I love the first one best...Nico and her proud parents in the background. What a happy family...and so very cute.