19 months

I can't believe how fast this Summer has gone by! Nico is turing more and more into a little girl. She is still as independent as ever, I think she really wants to be a little girl, she gets upset when we try and help her out with eating, or dressing, and even changing her diaper. While her insistence on being independent can be a little frustrating at times, like when she tries to take the wipes from us while we are changing her, I am so proud of all the things she can do all by herself.

Nico is getting her eye teeth, canines, whatever they are called, and she has been in a foul mood more often than usual the past few weeks. She did not seem to be as uncomfortable with any her other teeth, and I keep hearing from different people, "Oh yes, those are the worst for babies". Was that a surprise to anyone else? One of the many new parent things you hear nothing about until you are in the thick of it. On the plus side of her teething, she has been taking more three hour naps (like in the old days) and when she is down for the night she is down.

Nico definitely prefers Mike right now. It kind of hurts my heart, and my pride, to admit that, but she certainly does prefer him to me at this point. I keep saying, mike does too, that she sees so much more of me than him and he is by far the more novel of the two of us. I do love seeing those two together, she adores him, almost as much as he adores her.


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what a cutie... Nico, that is. But Mike is a cutie too. hehe.
And I like her bun hairdo. looks like a sumo wrestler.