Sorry for the blog neglect. Getting pictures from the camera to the blog always seems like a hassle, so we never do it.

Here are pictures from a film camera Mike has been using lately.

Picking apples at Gizdich Ranch.

Awesome wedding in New Orleans.


Becky said...

Those pictures of Nico are so gorgeous! Mike is so talented!

You guys went to Nick's wedding! I saw pictures on Facebook and it looked so fun! They look SO happy! That is so cool that you guys could go!

Sharon said...

Uhhhhhh. At least from my iPhone that picture of rob and me looks amazing. Like curse word amazing. Thanks mike!! Thanks for posting it!!

Oh! And of course little Nico is a dOll.

We had fun with you!

stephanie joy said...

I love the on kissing one! Precious. Everything about this post is stylish. Thanks for the satisfying update. :)