Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year, the sunset at 4:54 PM today! Good thing though, the days will start getting longer now. I've been thinking a lot about Winter Solstice lately, especially after Nico's (three hour) nap. When Nico wakes up it is usually almost dark and I really struggle with being motivated to go out and do some fun activity, I just want to stay inside and be cozy. I call the time between Nico's nap and Mike coming home from work the dead time. We both are a little bored and crazy. Just curious is there a dead time of your day? What do you do to shake things up? Anyhow, happy longer days to come!

PS if you need to feel extra cozy you can stream a fireplace blaze from netflix, who knew?


Michelle said...

I'm jealous of Nico's hair. And hooray for baby girl on the way. Couldn't be more happy for you! Merry Christmas, friend.

Brooke said...

billie! nico is THE CUTEST! wow. i just want to nom nom on her cheeks. xoxoxo

Sheila... said...

she looks so posh here. cutie patootie