Golden Gate Park

The weather this last weekend was phenomenal! We went to the conservatory of flowers in GG park. There is a special Playland exhibit at the conservatory. Playland is long gone, but it is fun to think that when my parents growing up here in San Francisco, they enjoyed going to Playland... man they are old!

Our friend Emily was visiting us. It is always nice to have spectacular weather when friends are in town.

After going to the conservatory we hung out on the lawn out front. Nico had an outfit change after falling into a huge mud puddle (good thing I always have a change of clothes for her in my bag). Emily and I sat and chatted while Mike ran after Nico, it was so nice to bask in the sun!

We went over to the merry go round for our last stop before going home for lunch and a nap. Mike and I always joke that whenever we do something fun with Nico, whether at home or out and about, it almost always ends in tears. I guess those tears are a good indicator of how much fun Nico is having.

ps For those of you who have asked I'm doing well and so is the baby. T minus 8 weeks.

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