Big Island

We had a really nice time on the Big Island, although we did a LOT more driving that I had expected. When we got back to Oahu the nasty weather had disappeared, which made leaving even harder and the last few days even more wonderful and memorable. Here are some pictures of our trip, per your request Sheila. I will try and get a slide show going, or post some more of these on flickr.

North tip of the island, and a port-a john behind the shack {thank goodness}.

I picked a lot of guava on this trip

Place of refuge

By far the BEST snorkeling I have ever experienced anywhere, and happens to be where Capt. Cook was killed .

Volcano National Park crater hike

Yellow church on the trail head a black sand beach

Our hidden beach

Punalu'u black sand beach

Mauna Kea, way too cold for me but Mike loved it

Southern most point on the island, and the US

Open empty space


pillingfamily said...

these pictures are amazing!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

these are so cool! i want to go to a black sand beach!

Kate said...

Those are some great photographs you guys. Where are you people now? Have you officially moved away yet or what? I have a slight remembrance of you saying you might go to Utah but I need clarification. And unfortunately my coveted iPhone can't show me the picture of this cardigan and blouse... What a rip off. I'm going back to the reliable RAZR because of this!

Bille said...

We are in California braving the cold, I know I am a wimp. We are hoping that Mike gets into BYU Provo for grad school, thus taking us to Utah, where I can be really cold. If you get really disgusted with that phone of yours Mike will definitely give you his RAZR in exchange :)

Keoni and Sheila Rich said...

yeah for pictures!!! wooohoooo. Now I really want to go the Big Island. Or maybe because its the great photo taking. Eitherway its very tempting. I just told Keoni we need to go and I told him its your fault. We still miss you!

The Hale Family said...

Oh my paradise! It's -14 here today!