Family Dog

Like many Grandy family favorites {Dunderklumpen any one?} I don't expect that any one outside our family ever saw this show. I remember that we all were really sad when it got canceled, but thanks to You Tube, Family Dog lives on.

P.S. Tim Burton is one of the executive producers, which really make sense, especially when you look at the kid Billy.


Anonymous said...

I must be part of the family because I love "Bad Dog", the spin off where the "Family Dog" gets sent off to gaurd dog training.
If I remember correctly they send him off because he keeps "going" in the owners slippers and he let the house get robbed. It was supposed to be boot camp but he turns into a crazed killer.

How many times can I go """"""""?


pillingfamily said...

couldn't you find dunderklumpin in english? i REALLY REALLY want it in my library.

Bille said...

I have not really looked. where the heck did mom and dad get such weird movies?

Anonymous said...

What about "Dot and the Kangaroo"?


MommyCat said...

"You guys are wierd!"....LOL...JK

MommyCat said...

oops..just realized I spelled "weird" wrong. But hey, maybe I can't spell from time to time, but you guys are still weird..hehehe (evil laugh) ;)