We had a really fun weekend. Friday night we went to a shooting range in Santa Clara. We rented a gun, bought ammo, and purchased 4 targets. Mike was pretty impressed with my skills. When I was at Ricks I dated a guy who had a bunch of guns, and we would go out to the dump and shoot cans and bottles. Oh boring afternoons in Idaho.

Saturday morning we watched General Conference. Mike and the bird were sporting matching hairdos. I was really happy to be able to sustain President Monson as the new President and Prophet of the church, what a special occasion.

We decided Friday night that we would go up to Henry Coe Park and hike around for a bit. I have only been to the park a handful of times, and I have lived here my whole life {except when I was away at school or on a mission}. I think when you live close by something sometimes you take it for granted and forget it exists. Driving up to the park the gas light went on and I mentioned it to Mike and asked if he was planning on getting gas. Oh no, we have at least 30 miles left. Well, on the curvy road up to the park the car started to shudder and stutter. But we made it into the parking lot and decided that since we were there we might as well hike around and worry about getting home when we were done.

We took the trail to Frog Lake, which was more of a pond. On the way there Mike nearly stepped on a snake because he was not watching where he was going. We saw lots of wild flowers and a few more snakes. When we got back to the car we were pretty sure there was no way we would make it down to a gas station. So, after glaring at Mike and reminding him that I thought we should have bought some gas we set off. We coasted in neutral almost the whole way back, thanks to those steep winding hills. The stop light at the end of the hill almost killed us, but we managed to squeak into the closest gas station and fill up.

By the time we got down from the park we were starving. We went to the Trail Dust to have some really good BBQ. I had pulled pork {my favorite} and Mike had the 3/4 pound tri-tip. Man! That was some good food. We finished up with berry cobbler accompanied by two scoops of ice cream. So good! Finally to make the night truly memorable we got dressed up and went to Prom. No, not really but we saw these kids outside and had a good laugh at the horrific dresses and suits they were wearing. We did not even get pictures of the really bad dresses. It looked like dancing with the stars, or Miss universe. Oh man, kids these days. On the way home we took some pictures of the mustard green fields by the mushroom farm. Morgan Hill is so pretty in the spring time!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering where you'd been. Looks like it was a beautiful weekend.

The Dinner Belle said...

Bille, This is very random but I know that you will be able to help me! There is a friend of mine who is opening a coffee shop in our town and she asked me if I could paint some windows for her (just some basic lettering). Do you have any tips you could pass along? What kind of paint to use, paint on the inside or outside, what kind of brushes, etc.

Thanks SO much!!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i just remembered why i am never moving back to the mainland again: SNAKES!!!!! ah!!!!!!!

but the rest of your post was lovely! nice to have an update on the on-going adventures of mike and bille. henry's 90th birthday luau is in two weekends... wish you were here big time! :)

Keoni and Sheila Rich said...

wow, what a fun weekend. I hate snakes. That picture makes me tense up. It reminds me of a dream I had the other night. A snake was attacking me. I like all the photo shots though- even the snake one. Looks like you guys are having fun. When are you coming back over?

Kate said...

I want to be your and Mike's child. Will you adopt me? Your life looks so fun on a blog. We can all go frolic in the mountains and then you can do my hair for prom. But I noticed those kids had the stretch Escalade limo... I prefer the Lincoln. K mom?

Jess said...

Did you steal Dad's hat?

Melissa said...

cool pictures. if you click on the prom pic the girl in the blue dress looks like she's doing something freaky. I don't no what, but it looks freaky.

somebody said...