Lonesome Week Ahead

It's Mike again. We are all moved in to our new apartment in San Francisco. And by moved in I mean that all of our stuff is covering the floor. Bille left today for Utah to visit with family and to Idaho to get some dental work done. So here I am alone in the big city with nothing but the computer for entertainment (and of course the scriptures). So I thought that I'd post some more pictures from the family photoshoot I did. Enjoy.

My brother looking cool.

My mom.

Yours truly. Notice a theme?


Ashley said...

Mike, I love those pictures of Ella on Sharon's blog. They're absolutely fantastic.

Bille said...

you will be fine. go out and explore

Tinkerbell said...

hey guys...

email me your new mailing address!! plus i need reed and bille grandy's mailing address.




Erika Allred said...

Hey Billie and Mike! I didn't know you guys moved into the city! We're so close now! We should hangout! Now Mike, you really should start a photography business. You're very talented. And Billie, you should start a little bakery. You guys have enormous potential! If you guys need some Guinea pigs to take pictures of or try your delicious baked goods, just let us know!

somebody said...