Special... In His Own Way

I don't normally post on here but I was doing a little photo shoot with my mom and brother and I really like the way that these two pictures came out. I also think they go really well together. And I'm not quite sure about the cheesy signature on the bottom.


P.S. Wild Blue satellite internet is horrible.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

so nice to hear from the other half of team gniewosz! the signature is nice... now i know who took the photo. we need to do something like that because i am always taking credit for thomas' stuff.

Ashley said...

Those photos are awesome. Your internet sucks. And I'm not a big fan of the font on the signature.

Mike, you're one step closer to launching your own photography business. Watch out, I may have to black list you.

modestmuse said...

Not that you even care for my 2 cents, but -- I agree with this Ashley on the font -- I see you with something far more graphic. You should create your own, actually. Something more geometric/linear, not italicized. Cool idea to have a sig, though!

somebody said...