Christmas Came Early...

for me. Bille let me buy a new camera (not that I actually needed her permission, I mean, I'm the man of the house, right?). Finally took it for a spin today around S.F.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

so so cool!



congrats to you both- cant wait to see the beauties produced from that bad boy.

RHS said...

sweet camera!

bille...i had a dream or nightmare about you last night. you showed up at my house (but wasn't my current house...some random place) and it was the middle of the night. you had a daughter that was around 2 years old and a bunch of your kid's stuff. you walked in all upset and i asked where was mike and you said, "i just dont know if it's going to work." i was in total shock. you asked if you could move in until you figured things out. i was still in shock. then some party began in my living room. and mr.devita was sleeping in one of my bed's. it was really random.

come by the sowards house over christmas, okay?

Bille said...

I had a kid? Thats great! Because we can't seem to make one materialize in real life. Just kidding that sounds creepy. We will see you at the Sowards, house.

antidotes said...

uh d300!! i wish i could get 1!!