The Motherland

My family comes from Poland. You know, screen doors on submarines, and whatnot. This is the latest news from a country that brings you countless jokes at its own expense.

"We didn't pay 37 million zlotys ($11 million) for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there," Michal Grzes, a conservative councillor in the city of Poznan in western Poland, was quoted as saying.


Becky said...

Ha ha! What!?!? Why would he say that? It won't reproduce? Interesting. Or did he mean gay as in happy? Or was something lost in translation?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

my motherland is so boring in comparison. come on america- step it up here!

pillingfamily said...

i love how the article says the elephant may be too young to decide whether he prefers male or female elephants.

shawna said...

For once I am proud to be german...i mean, at least im not polish!

Randy and Danielle said...

Lets just be real. Since you are coming into town next week, it would be most wonderful if you picked me up a bottle of "wish" perfume that Anthro sells. Pack it carefully, in your suitcase and deliver to me upon arrival.

sheila said...

hey- new week
no scent?

hehe. I look forward to going through sephora and finding your scent of the week.